Writer On Writers

Did you know, The Phoenix Writers Club hosts a writers workshop after each monthly meeting?

We call it, Write On Writers (WOW), and we would enjoy seeing you there. Write On Writers is an unscripted, open forum where we discuss the craft of writing, share our current works in progress, and offer suggestions and ideas about each other's works. It is not a critique group, more of an open platform to give and receive ideas to help sharpen our skills and write better works. The group is not limited to one or two types of writing, but to ALL writing regardless of the topic or target audience. We hope you will join us, and look forward to hearing from all writers.

3 comments to “Writer On Writers”
  1. This is much more the activity I'm looking for rather than the content of the monthly meetings. Is it possible to show up just for this? Thx. 

  2. The Write on Writers meeting happens immediately after our regular monthly meeting. Regular monthly club meetings are the third Saturday of each month starting at 12:00 pm. We meet at the Blue Water Grill located at 16th Street and Camelback Road in Phoenix. 

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