Our History

Writers have been gathering at the Phoenix Writers Club ever since 1926 when a feisty group of newspaper women weren’t allowed in the National Press Club and started their own. The members of the newly formed club drew up the first constitution and bylaws, opening membership to all categories of writers who submitted published works that met standards set by the membership committee and voting to limit its membership to women. In 1994 the bylaws were changed and the membership opened to include men. PWC welcomes established authors, beginning writers, those who dream of being writers. Club members share knowledge, experiences, encourage each other to continue their quest for good writing.

To commemorate the 80th Anniversary of PWC in May 2006 several authors of various genres joined together and wrote a children’s book entitled THE WALL.

The story escapes into the delightful adventures of nine-year-old Belinda as she goes beyond the wall into the fascinating worlds of Double Circles and One Points. This enchanting story is intended for children of all ages, anyone?with an imaginative mind who knows there’s more to living than meets the eye. The book – $12.00 plus $3.00 postage is available on Amazon.com or e-mail mibbles1274@msn.com.
Don’t miss this book.

Who knows, there may be a sequel down the road!