BetteLou Tobin

A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, BetteLou Tobin did some acting, took writing courses at Columbia U,  and wrote television scripts with her late husband, Rick Tobin. BetteLou gives classes on Memoir writing. She is a member of the Phoenix Artists Guild and Arizona Artists Alliance where her work is displayed in art shows. BetteLou has two sons, a daughter and three grandchildren. She lives in Phoenix with Ron Larrabee, also a PWC member, 3 cats and a Border Collie.

Television: “Here Come The Brides

Screenplays waiting to be produced:
The Bouhler Haus,” a World War II drama based on, Helen Bouhler, the wife of a high-ranking Nazi, who, with the help of others, rescued Jewish friends and orphaned children at her own peril.
WOLFCUB,” an action/adventure script based on my novel, “WOLFCUB [Kguee-Shan].”

Published works:
Write & Publish Your Life Story Guaranteed,” A guide to writing memoirs.
Shelter From The Storm,” The Story of Betty Ryan, as Ghost writer.
Jobs For The Older Person,” co-wrote with late husband, Rick Tobin

WOLFCUB,” an action/adventure novel with wolves and boys, set in the mountain wilderness of the Southwest.
Mossy,” written and illustrated by BetteLou, a whimsical fantasy for children of all ages.