Cindi Reiss

 2015.10.27 - AZ Humanities - Halloween-191
I’ve always liked to write in rhyme,
which I have found is so sublime.
Like most of us, I wrote as a child,
Imagined scenes, both serene and wild.
When I grew up, I became a clown,
Ballooning, magic and juggling around.
I was the Tooth Fairy, a Princess and more
writing my skits as a fun troubadour.
Then ventured to film, as extras I cast,
worked behind scenes while having a blast.
I flowed into writing for travel and features,
but am happiest amongst the poetic creatures.
I write poems for birthdays and special occasions,
for showers and holidays of any persuasions.
I penned one for our club when we turned 86,
Transcribing this way gives me my fix.
I’ll continue expressing in odes and in verse
To sprinkle good cheer in our grand universe.

Cindi is a Jersey Girl who drove cross country in her covered wagon in 1976 with her newlywed husband, Joshua. Trading the Jersey shore for the Arizona desert was a shock to their systems but they fulfilled the American dream; making a home with three children, starting a business and now living the joy of having two grandchildren. Cindi appreciates living in a city where one can be involved in decisions and serve as a volunteer in so many areas. She’s looking forward to many more years of desert sunsets though that Jersey shore continuously tugs at her heart.


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