Ilsa Manning

WIlsa Manningriting has been a deep passion for Ilsa Manning since childhood. She engaged her passion first by jotting down stories with paper and pen, then graduated to a typewriter to write her narratives. Eventually, when she was allowed use of the family computer, this became her new conduit for expressing the stories that swam around her head.

As that little girl grew up, her path began twisting and turning, taking her on many adventures (though writing was not one of them).

On these adventures she traveled to Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America. She lived in France, Poland, and England. She earned a bachelor’s degree, then a master’s degree in history. Another passion, fragrance creation, was discovered. Yet, her passion for writing that was so alive as a child was still lying dormant.

That is, until recently when that passion reawakened. Ilsa Manning now expresses her writing and fragrance passion through a blog, Scents N Scentsibility. She can be found on Twitter as Mrs. Scents (and can be followed on Twitter @MrsScents).

Her labor of love, though, is her novel. It weaves together her passion for writing, history, travel, and even a little touch of science fiction.

The novel is taking its time to come to fruition, but Ilsa knows ‘slow and steady wins the race’. She looks forward to sharing her work with you in the future!