Lark LaTroy

 Lark LaTroy started writing in 2005 during a period of hard caregiving for an aging parent. It was a type of therapy at that time and a good outlet for some frustration. Two years later, Lark had a book of over 700,000 words and almost 1800 pages. This book would never see the light of day in the publishing world, but others that read the story told Lark that he had a gift, a talent for creating amazing characters and fun stories. Taking the advice of other authors who had been published, and following where they pointed, Lark started to fine tune his craft. In October of 2010, "NeoDruids Book 1: Druids Dawning", appeared on Amazon and bookseller shelves. April the following year, "NeoDruids Book 2: Here Be Dragons", arrived, and the series took off. In 2014 Lark learned that the owner of the publishing house for his books was a thief, and that ended that. Without skipping a beat, Lark took the rights to his stories, his rather vast knowledge of computers and software, and formed Lark's Library. The NeoDruids had found a new home in the world of independent publishing, and Lark has never looked back.

Now with six NeoDruids titles and one novel, Lark is pursuing his writing in both the day job world and private life. After 30 years in the IT industry, technical writing became the obvious choice for a man that loves to write. Stories continue to flow from Lark's keyboard and using the power of the Internet, Lark has an audience that spans the globe. A writer of adult fusion, Lark's stories use characteristics of many genres, blended together in single stories. It is not uncommon to read Lark LaTroy stories that are part fantasy, part science fiction, part horror, part erotic romance, and part paranormal. This is the basis of NeoDruids and part of the fun. You never know just exactly what will pop up in one of these books. Best of all, Lark's stories feature very strong female leads. In fact, the stories depend on these characters. You might also see old legends and myths given new life in Lark's collection. Nothing is impossible in the world of fiction.

Is Lark LaTroy his real name? Well, yes, if you look at it right, kind of sideways, and backward. The name came about while Lark was working for a large family entertainment company known for their amusement parks, and large, talking rodent. Given the themes in Lark's stories, it is was important to write under a name not associated with the day job. The name stuck, and Lark became the secret identity. You can find Lark's stories on the Lark's Library website and Amazon. More books are coming, the Druids have many adventures in their future, and several novels are in various stages of development. 

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