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Out of the nine books Leo has written, it is the first one, “The Saga of Jack Durant” that after 12 years is still her best seller. This bio of Jack Durant, a well-known restaurateur in Phoenix, AZ, tells the story of how a young boy hopped the train, left his home in Tennessee with the dream of being a professional baseball player. Instead he became the most trusted friend of the infamous gangster, Bugsy Siegel. The book became the basis of an award-winning play, followed by Leo’s next book on Durant, “Jack’s World.” Now she brings you MOB MOLE, a new book delving more into Durant’s criminal activities. Check out her website:

Excerpt from Mable’s book Because we are friends

Dear Readers,
Though I’ve written 9 books, “the Durant Series” is still my best seller. After the play In My Humble Opinion based on the first book, The Saga of Jack Durant , I heard more stories about this mysterious man and wrote “Jack’s World”. And there is still more to tell!? Now I bring you “MOB MOLE” -focusing on Jack’s criminal background, the Mob bosses he worked for, and the gangsters & movie stars in his life. To give you a hint of what is to come, here is a direct quote from his F.B.I. records:


Here’s a brief bio on myself:
Born in Sailor Springs, Illinois and moving to Chicago at the age of eleven, I can only say I’m a small town girl from the big city. My first published work was in the newsletter of Hyde Park High School, a poem entitled “The Little Mouse That Lives in the Bottom of My House”. That’s all I remember so apparently it was not a big hit. After high school I married, divorced, and married again. The second time I got it right and had 20 years of happiness. When I became a widow I began to write again. I’d written articles for a Florida newspaper years before but never a book. Now I have eight with another in process. As you can see from the list of titles, I write in several genres. It’s against the rules as writers are supposed to choose their niche and stay there. But when a story comes my way, I tell it. Life constantly throws surprises our way, giving writers ideas and stories to share. I hope you enjoy my books and that in each one you find something new and entertaining.

Mabel encourages authors to join writers clubs as she tells every one, writers need writers. We keep each other enthusiastic about our work. Plus we learn from each other. In addition to the Phoenix Writers Club, she belongs to the Arizona Authors Association and the Society of Southwestern Authors. Though she can not always attend the meetings, the newsletters of each club are full of useful info. She served as president of the PWC for six years. She felt especially fortunate in 2006 when the club celebrated their 80th Anniversary. In honor of that achievement, the club used Mabel’s idea of a “chain story” with each chapter written by another author. The result was “The Wall”; a children’s story book

Thank you for dropping by and –HAPPY READING.

Mabel’s Professional Biography: Published: 1. Created & wrote weekly feature columns for Florida newspaper. 2. Articles for Arizona Senior Word. 3. Articles for East Valley Senior News. 4.Wrote & published eight books, various genres. Promotional Activities: Radio & TV interviews, book fairs, writer conferences, presentations, newspaper book reviews, school events for kindergarten through 8th grade. Memberships: Arizona Authors Association, National Writers Union, Phoenix Writers Club, Society of Southwestern Authors, The Writing Junkies.