Pat Klemme

Pat Klemme is retired and reveling in the opportunity to write again. Part teacher, part nurse, part businesswoman, Pat has always enjoyed writing for her own pleasure. 

Now she is venturing into a willingness to share some of her writing. Short essays and connections to website links on her blog, Diverse Mind, will introduce you to a variety of her interests. The aim is to provoke thought, not hostility. But there is probably something for everyone in both categories, Pat says with a smile.







Pat belonged to Phoenix Writers’ Club in 2006 and was proud to contribute to PWC’s 80th Anniversary book, The Wall. The Wall was a progressive story written one chapter after another, each by a different PWC member/author. Our expert editor and publisher, Eileen Birin, along with children’s author, Valerie Nichols, polished our efforts and brought The Wall to life in print. It was a privilege to participate.


Pat also submitted a mystery short story, “Identity Theft”, which was accepted to be part of an anthology by Arizona mystery writers, Medley of Murder. Medley of Murder was edited by Suzanne Flaig and Susan Budavari of Red Coyote Press and published in 2005. Pat’s was one of fifteen lively stories featuring murder and mayhem.