Patricia L. Brooks

The latest book release from Patricia L. Brooks:

Sick as My Secrets

Patricia L. Brooks, Author, Advocate, Speaker

Sick as My Secrets is a powerful, compassionate, moving memoir told by a strong and honest woman who overcame a desperate need for alcohol to handle stress in her young life. Patricia Brooks, immensely proud of her thirty-five years of sobriety, openly and lovingly reveals her compelling story of powerlessness, her journey to recovery, and a spiritual transformation from the lowest point in her life to the apex of her trust in God. Her tale is a testament to resilience, perseverance, and hope for all of us. This is a must-read for anyone recovering from addiction, asking questions about the recovery process, or curious about how a situation like this can happen to a not-so-ordinary young wife with a bright future.

Patricia is the proud author of three memoirs, has served as president and founder of the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers and Brooks Goldmann Publishing, LLC, for more than twelve years. She lives in Old Town, Scottsdale, with her author husband Earl L. Goldmann, where they enjoy the arts and cultural vibe of their community.

Patricia delivers a captivating read in this powerful and inspiring memoir. With courage and candor, she takes us through her years of addiction and, ultimately, to her life in recovery.”

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