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Richard Toliver’s latest publication:

Woman – A Godly Creation is respectfully dedicated to women worldwide who faithfully and graciously embrace their God-given greatness. It is an inspirational, historical, and motivational book written especially to encourage women of all ages to appreciate and embrace the truth that they are a great creation. As a father, grandfather, great grandfather, my goal is to seek out and eradicate the commonly held myth that women are less than men. I hope to inspire women to believe in the creative greatness infused in them at the moment of their conception. No circumstances, despicable acts inflicted by others, nor even death can diminish their worth. The messages throughout this book are intended to motivate women to embrace their God-given attributes and shake off the shackles that would keep them victims. Thus, I exhort women to use their inherent power to remove any unwanted situations in their lives, and I strongly urge men to help them do so!


The following details highlight Richard Toliver’s first book, An Uncaged Eagle:


An Uncaged Eagle is an inspirational memoir of victory over adversity – the path to true freedom.
The prevailing message is one of hope for anyone who has encountered difficulties in his or her life.
The ultimate victory over adversity is possible when one gains freedom from th
e deeper, 
inner emotional cage in life.

Uncaged Eagles are those individuals who, through providential intervention, have a timely and significant impact on the lives of others, upon the community, the nation and even the world. They are the “salt-of-the-earth” heroes and heroines who provided the moral and spiritual foundation for every generation. Some paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives so that others could experience the freedom they would never know.

WOW! Dick Toliver has delivered once again and in a very significant way. An Uncaged Eagle is an extraordinary document that
not only portrays the story of Dick’s life; but that of many African Americans who grew up in the South and traveled this road
into the military. During his childhood and throughout his life, he always beat the odds and came out on top. This is just
another example of his audacity, strength, and commitment to his purpose in life. Dick Toliver and his family are clear
examples of how to turn adversity into success and make the American dream come true. His love of God, country, and family is
not negotiable. I know of no one more committed to the freedoms we enjoy and our way of life than Dick Toliver. I would follow
him anywhere, anytime. An Uncaged Eagle is a must read.
Lloyd W. “Fig” Newton General USAF, Ret.
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