Willma Gore

“Age doesn’t matter, unless you’re a cheese”

Willma Willis Gore, a California native, has lived in Sedona since 2004. She has been writing and selling for 60 years—since age 19.

More than 80 regional and national magazines and journals have published her travel articles, essays, short stories and poetry. She is author or co-author of 19 children’s books. Her adult books include the humorous novel, Something’s Leaking Upstairs, and two nonfiction, Just Pencil Me In—Your Guide To Moving & Getting Settled and, Long Distance Grandparenting, the latter released in 2008. Willma leads four writer workshops in her home in Sedona. Members include residents of Prescott, Rimrock, Cornville, Camp Verde and Cottonwood as well as Sedona. She welcomes inquiries and visitors and is available for speaking engagements. Her tips-on-writing blog appears five days a week.

Every one of my life experiences has been marketed in a story or article somewhere. I’ll be 87 in June but still get to writing and aiming for markets daily.

Willma grew up on a small dairy farm in California where 22 cows were hand-milked twice a day by her father and a hired man. Her first jobs were helping bottle the milk, wash the bottles, and “run the bottles,” the term used to describe taking them from the delivery truck and placing them on the customer’s doorstep. The eldest of three girls, she was licensed to drive the delivery truck (Model-A Ford) at age 13 when her mother was hospitalized for an appendectomy. Her father took her to the local Highway Patrol rep saying that he needed her to drive delivery while her mother was incapacitated. (Mom had let her drive from time to time on a lonely road out in the country where deliveries were made three times a week.) The Patrolman took her out for a test drive and gave her a temporary license until she could be formally licensed by the State at age 14. Her personal memoir about this time of her life,

“Back When We Were Milk Maids” appeared in the June/July, 2007 issue of Farm & Ranch Living to which she has contributed many articles and photos through the past 30 years.

As a resident in San Luis Obispo and Los Osos from 1997 until 2004, Willma was active in NightWriters and the founder of both High Hopes and Novel Idea Writer workshops, still in operation.

She moved to Sedona, Arizona in April 2004. A life-long writer, who sold her first article at age 20, she has led writer workshops for more than 40 years. In Sedona, she has launched five writers’ workshops, taught a class “Write For Fun And Profit” for the Sedona Adult Center, and two classes for the Women For Women Learning Center, Cottonwood.

Willma’s writing has been published in more than 80 national and regional journals through 60 years of freelancing. She has written seven, and shared the byline on an additional 12, children’s books. Her adult nonfiction book for the better half of life, Just Pencil Me In—Your Guide to Moving and Getting Settled After 60 was published by Quill Driver Books, Sanger, California in 2002. Her humorous novel, Something’s Leaking Upstairs came out in May 2005 with Publish America. A second book for Quill Driver, Long-Distance Grand-Parenting was released in Spring 2008. As of today, THREE novels (senior romance) are in the hands of my Nevada agent.

Over the past five years her articles have appeared in San Luis Obispo Journal, Plus Magazine, the Home Forum page of Christian Science Monitor Farm & Ranch Living and the Sedona on-line publication, Sedona.Biz. Writing how-to articles were published online in Writing For Dollars in April and June 2008. Her WW II memoir was purchased for an anthology, Duty Honor & Valor, published by the Society of Southwestern Authors in 2007. Her short story, “Peligro” won the first prize for fiction in the 2007 Society of Southwestern Authors (SSA) contest. She was named one of three Accomplished Elders by the Northern Arizona Agencies on Aging in September 2006, and is a member of the Professional Writers of Prescott, Society of Southwestern Authors, and Phoenix Writers Club. She has been listed in Who’s Who, Women Of America since 2006.

Willma has spoken to writer groups and in libraries in 25 cities in California, Nevada and Arizona, and to UU Fellowships in CA. Her humorous talks include lessons from a “A Lifetime of Writing for Love, Fun and Profit” and what you can sell while you are “Waiting to Market Your Great American Novel.”

Village of Oak Creek writer and writing workshop leader, Willma Gore, appeared at the 1100-attendee convention of Pilot International when the group gathered at the Marriott Hotel & Spa in Phoenix from July 6 through July 11. Willma offered a brief address on July 10 and was provided a table to sell her books. She sold over 50 books!

She welcomes inquiries about and visits to her workshops. (928) 284-2703 willmajore@gmail.com and responses to her helpful hints blog: http://willmagore.com/blog/

GOALS: I try to keep four or five articles in the mail or out in cyberspace all the time. I constantly check markets. I pass this information on to students in my classes and to share in workshops.

You may feel you lead an “ordinary” life, but your experiences are unique. Cash in on them.