Write On Writers ( WOW )

Every month, after the regular meeting, The Phoenix Writers Club hosts a writers workshop that we call, Write On Writers (WOW). This is an unscripted, open forum meeting where we share our work in progress, accept feedback from fellow members, and share ideas on how to fine-tune and sharpen our writing skills. This is not a critique group, or even an alpha reader group. It is an opportunity for writers of ALL types to enjoy the company of other writers and share your insights on the craft of writing. We do not care if you are a poet, technical, autobiographer, fantasy, romance, science fiction, horror, or restaurant review writer, as long as you write, you are welcome. We meet after the regular PWC meeting on the third Saturday of each month. The regular meetings run from noon to 2, and we start right after that. Join us at the Blue Water Grill located at 16th Street and Camelback Road in Phoenix. Bring your unfinished, or finished work, and let us hear what you are working on, and what you think. You do not have to be a published writer to join our group, you just have to love writing.